• Sweet Memories
    Sweet Memories
    Instead of “dessert”, the Cantonese and people from Hong Kong are more accustomed to using the term "Tong Sui" (literally "sweet soup"). Tong Sui is an important part of the Cantonese way to maint...
  • The Finer Details of Rice
    The Finer Details of Rice
    What are the best dishes to eat when visiting Hong Kong in winter? If you are a believer of "wherever it's crowded, the food is great," then come to Temple Street for the claypot rice (Bao Zai Fan)
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral
    Sacred Heart Cathedral
    Founded in 1863, the Sacred Heart Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the archdiocese Guangzhou. It is one of the most magnificent twin-tower Gothic architectures in the country still in existe...
  • Shenyang Late Autumn Photography Guide
    Shenyang Late Autumn Photography Guide
    From mid-October onwards, it is the best season to admire ginkgo leaves in Shenyang.
  • Guangdong Museum and Lingnan Culture
    Guangdong Museum and Lingnan Culture
    Now you are in Guangzhou, would you like to experience Lingnan culture? Guangdong Museum is a good sightseeing destination. 
  • Search for saltiness
    Search for saltiness
    In Hong Kong, you always come across tourist asking: “Why does this store only sell dry food but not fresh food?” This is because it’s a dried seafood store!
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