• Beijing’s Snacking Culture
    Beijing’s Snacking Culture
    Combining Han, Hui, Mung, Man, and other Chinese ethnic groups’ cultural snacks,  Beijing snacks were formed in the Ming and Qing dynasty in the Palace.  

    Also known as “meeting up food” or “tea snack”, there are approximately 200-300 different types of Beijing snack; as a nibble, breakfast, or late night snack, to go with alcohol or noodles.  Some Beijing specialties include soy juice, fried sausage, sauté liver,  bean curd,  noodles with meat sauce, and more.


    Some of the classic brands’ specialties include FangShanFanZhuang’s pease pudding, FengZeYuan’s noodle roll, DungLaiShun’s fried butter cake, and TongHeJu’s baked bun.

    Enjoy the delicious Beijing snacks when visiting the great capital city! Try different snacks and drinks when exploring the alleys by the forbidden city! Visit Rosedale Beijing’s Cheena for glutinous rice balls, kidney bean roll, red bean cake, fried rice cake, pease pudding, and many other royalty snacks!

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