• Fun Express
    Fun Express
    Time for some fun and gift! We have 5 dices and 4 of which are the same. 1 of them is different. Can you find it? 

    Game Period: From now until 31st May 2017

    Select the hotel you are staying. Then submit your answer and your contact information to the hotel. The hotel will email the results to participants within 1 working day. 

    Rosedale Hotel Hong Kong

    Rosedale Hotel Kowloon

    Le Petit Rosedale Hotel Hong Kong

    Rosedale Hotel & Suites, Guangzhou
    Rosedale Hotel & Suites, Beijing
    Rosedale Hotel Shenyang

    *The prize winning game is available for hotel in-house guests or hotel restaurant dining guests only.

    *All prizes must be collected in person in hotel.

    *Prizes are subject to availability. Winners should redeem the prizes in hotel as early as possible.

    *Each participant can redeem prize once only.

    *Terms and conditions apply.

    *Rosedale Hotels reserve the right of making final decisions.

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